Recently, I replaced my trusty Zaurus PDA with a laptop and smart(er) mobile phone.
This meant I needed to get all my calendar infomation out of the XML format used by Opie Datebook (the Calander program used by OpenZaurus), and into the standard iCalendar(vCalendar?) format used by Apple's iCal program.
Unfortunately, I found zero tools to be able to do this.
However, I did find a little script called evolution-sync.pl, which claimed to be able to synchronise the Opie Datebook with Gnome's Evolution PIM program, which does use the iCal/vCal format.
With a little hacking, and impromptue perl learning, I created
Which does a reasonable job of converting the .xml file into a .ics file to be imported.
It takes no arguments, nor options, and just converts datebook.xml in the current directory, into calendar.ics.

Damion de Soto